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The Shilling
Photo by Peter Chesworth

LOD 17' 00" (5.22m)
LOA 20' 03" (6.18m)
Beam 6' 06" (2.00m)
Draught plate up 12" (0.37m) plate down 3' (0.92m)
Sail Area 168 sq.ft. (15.60 sq.m.)
Trailing weight approx. 1165 lbs. (530 Kgs)

The Shilling Design

The Shilling is designed as a camping cruising boat, with both open and cabined versions available. The shoal draft hull, drawing just 12 inches with galvanised 10mm plate retracted, makes it possible to explore those secret waters denied to deeper craft. The flatish bottom section and firm bilges create initial stability and allow the hull to sit upright when drying out on a mooring. The hull is constructed in 12mm Cedar over 12mm Marine Ply bulkheads (the speedstrip system), this is then sheathed inside and out using 290gm woven cloth and epoxy resin. A very strong and virtually maintainence free hull is created by this construction process.

The cabined version has full sitting headroom, and two adult berths. There is ample cockpit space for three adults, (the open version would easily take 5 or 6). Side decks allow easy access to the foredeck, where a samson post acts as a strong point for attaching anchors or mooring lines The mast is set in a tabernacle,which makes for easy handling. The gaff or gaff yawl rigs are available. Both rigs are ideal for cruising and offer low centres of effort. All lines are led back to the cockpit for ease of operation.

The hull can be fitted with either an outboard well or a transom mounted outboard bracket.

  • Alternative Rigs are available.
  • Slab reefing and roller furling.
  • Lazy jacks fitted.
  • Boom tents available.
  • Choice of individual colour scheme.
  • Option of partial builds, for home completion.

Sailing Margherita
Building the Shilling (a 17' wooden sailboat)

The Shilling
Photo by David Harding

The Open Shilling

There are two Open versions of the Shilling available, the first has the same hull form as the cabined boat, ie having a bulwark above the deck height, giving a higher freeboard and a more work boat appearance. In the second option the hull finishes at deck height and has the appearance of a traditional half-decked "Gentlemanís" dayboat.(both hulls have the same lines except for these differences).

The hull draws just 15" (0.28m) with the plate retracted, 36" (0.91m) with the plate down.

The hull has integral air locked buoyancy compartments fore and aft, and plenty of stowage for open boat cruising On the fore deck the samson post acts as a strong point for attaching anchors and mooring lines. The mast is set in a tabernacle for ease of handling both on the water and ashore.An outboard bracket can be fitted to the transom or for those who prefer an outboard well can be fitted internally.

There is ample room for 4 or 5 on board for day sailing. If open boat cruising is your choice a boom tent is available and two adult sized berths can be quickly assembled, (an extra berth can be fitted).

The Open Shilling
The Open Shilling

The Open Shilling
The Shilling Sleeping


Open Shilling, built to exhibit and as new, complete and ready to go with Braked Trailer and Cover. Available at Windermere.
Price - £14,000.

Pre-owned 17' Shilling No.3 'Cygnet' gaff yawl, complete with trailer and outboard (in well), fully equipped for cruising and ready to launch.
Please contact Mr. K. Linder k.linder@virginmedia.com or Dick Philllips at Willow Bay Boats info@willowbayboats.co.uk.

Shilling No.10 'Cygnet' Shilling No.10 'Cygnet' Shilling No.10 'Cygnet'
Price - £14,500. SOLD

The Rig

Three rigs are available, the gaff cutter, gaff sloop and gaff yawl, (other rigs can be fitted to owners requirements). The rigs we offer are ideal for cruising and all offer low centres of effort, which enhances stability. All rigs have slab reefing and foresail furling as standard. Lazy jacks allow the main to be lowered without cluttering the cockpit, a huge bonus in a small boat.

Both open and cabin versions are available from Willow Bay Boats. Please contact us for further details.

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